Zeus Token power all the crowdfunds in the Zeus Network that can be viewed in Zeus platform. In Zeus platform, all the causes are showed and their data is fetched directly from the blockchain. In order to be able to start a campaign, the user must be be logged in and fill a form with all the data necessary. Then Zeus team will do a vetting process to garantue only legit causes will run in the platform. When, the cause is legit, Zeus team will create a smart contract to receive eth funds from people and forward to the person that need it.

How this is done? Zeus have a HolderCrowdfund template that is deployed to Ethereum Blockchain for each cause. Where Zeus token is used if people will receive in eth? Well, Zeus token is not intendend to be a profitable token, but the User to be able to donate need to hold a certain amount of Zeus in their wallet. Lets make an example. Maria wants to donate 1 eth to a cause she saw in the Zeus platform. She saw the cause needs a holding of 1000 Zeus in order to donate. So Maria decide to buy 1000 Zeus, now Maria can donate 1 eth to that cause. Now if Maria wants, she can sell the Zeus or she can hold to be able to donate to other causes in Zeus platform. With this, we garantue that Zeus token is used and help power the platform. When Zeus volume grows, Zeus platform will have the option to donate Zeus directly to the person instead of eth.

If you would like to test this contract, we already deploy it to ropsten testnet where you can check it here HolderCrowdfund. Ask Zeus team to transfer to you test Zeus tokens from this contract: ZeusNetwork in order to donate test eth to the contract and saw how Zeus contracts will work.